Is Self Improvement Necessary?

The term self improvement sounds simple, but what does it really mean? Is self improvement really necessary in helping us lead more fulfilling lives? The dictionary defines it as improvement of one’s mind, character, etc., through one’s own efforts. When I think of self improvement, I think of where I am today (point A) in a certain area of my life and then where I want to be (point B). Since I haven’t gotten to that better place yet, what do I need to improve about myself to get there? What kind of skills to I need to develop and what kind of a mindset do I need to strengthen in order to achieve what others have done before me?

There is no Luck in Self Improvement

Continuing on, self improvement is indeed the means of gradually creating the mindset and skills to improve ourselves, but it also leads to an overall improvement of our surroundings. Think about the person who is comfortably employed at a job, earning a decent, but much lower salary than he is capable of. Although this person is fully entitled to do this, he might notice that others are earning a higher salary. He may assume that he has no luck and others were just born with greater talents and just happened to make the right connections. However, what he doesn’t realize, is that those people intended for their circumstances to manifest as such. He may assume it’s just luck, but the law of cause and effect explains why it’s not. The higher salary earners have done something differently and thus produced different results. To achieve those same results, some kind of self improvement is needed. Since we are fully responsible for creating the results in our lives, self improvement then is necessary, if we are to get from point A to point B.

A question I asked myself a while ago, (and it’s one of the reasons I began to study self improvement and also why I became a certified life coach) was “Why are some people better off than others? What has driven their personal success?” I found out what caused many people to succeed at any endeavor, whether their career, family life, personal finances or health, was that they had learned the skills or improved themselves to take action on what causes success in those areas. They continuously improved until they found what worked, and even then, there was room for improvement – the key being of course that they learned to take consistent actions that eventually turned into successful habits.

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