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In today’s life coaching article, I will be writing about self-talk and mental programming. Throughout our lives, we have unknowingly received countless negative programs, which are recorded in neural pathways in our brain. This is similar to the programming of a computer. These negative programs were created by negative input. Parents, friends, teachers, television passer by conversations. You name it. (Behavioral researchers have estimated that in the first 18 years of our lives alone, each of us is told no, or what we cannot do, or what won’t work, more than 148,000 times.) And it doesn’t stop there. We continue to receive the wrong kind of programming from others, and from our own old negative programming from the past – our own self-talk. The Law of Repetition We receive our programs through repetition. First, from others, and then through our own repeated self-talk. That’s why what others tell us most becomes what we believe about ourselves most. Each time a message is repeated, it gets rerecorded, in the brain, and becomes stronger. Unfortunately, a lot of the programs we got were the wrong programs. How Self-Talk Works While we’re growing up, we get “programmed,” every day in dozens of ways. Everything we hear, see, or experience in any way gets “programmed” – much like programming a computer, which means it gets recorded in our brain. Also like a computer, the part of the brain that records all of those messages doesn’t know the difference between something that is “true” about …

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Are you a positive thinker? You may say yes, no, or sometimes…the latter I would guess is likely most accurate. Taking the glass half-full or half-empty approach, we could contemplate, well, if I’m a positive thinker, it’s half full; if I’m a negative thinker it’s the latter – but what is this positive thinking stuff all about anyway and does it even matter? To answer this last question, everything we do has an impact on the outcomes and circumstances of our lives, so in the spirit of this – yes of course the quality of our thoughts matter. However, I think that ultimately, in a cause and effect reality, it’s the choices we actually make because of our quality of thoughts that are impactful. I have heard life coach Tony Robbins say that even he, himself, “is not a positive thinker”. I thought hey Tony, what do you mean? You’re a life coach!? But he did explain. He said that it would be like looking at your garden and saying,”There’s no weeds, there’s no weeds, there’s no weeds!!!”- meaning, say you did have a garden, and weeds started to grow; would the weeds go away by your positive (or negative) thinking alone? What if you were negative and cursed the weeds? Told them to BURN IN HELL! Would that get rid of your weeds? What if you visualized your weeds being gone and positively visualized your garden weed free and flourishing? No matter what type of thoughts you’re thinking, positive …

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