What Do You Want in Life? 10 Steps to Help You Decide

10-steps-decide-what-you-wantOn our way to creating desired results in any significant area of our lives, many of us don’t reach those ultimate goals. Why? I think the reason most of us fail to get what we want, is that we fail to complete the first unbreakable rule of getting what we want. That unbreakable rule is to clearly identify and describe in detail exactly what we want. That may seem like a very simple step, but it turns out to be the main obstacle standing in our way – failing to clearly and fully identify what we want. We may have an idea of what we want, or wish we could do, be, or accomplish something, but we fail to describe it all in detail. The funny thing is that we’re pretty awesome at identifying what we don’t want. Fortunately however, we can use truth as our guide. The truth is, where we focus our energy, is exactly where all our energy goes. So the cause effect relationship would be that what we focus on most – is also what we tend to create most in our lives.

Today, I want to focus in on this key area of what life coaching help with. That is, getting clear on and identifying exactly what we want in each significant area of our lives. Then once that is established, next we can we keep those goals in our focus as often as possible and thus we can concentrate on taking action towards their attainment.

Identify What You Want With These 10 Effective Questions

Can you be happy if you are wealthy but not healthy? Can you be happy if your job is fulfilling, but your spouse or significant others are always upset that you have little or no quality time together? An effective way to identify what you want is to ask yourself some effective questions.

Here are some simple questions that can help offer some balance. (You can customize them as you see fit.)

1) What is most important to me in my personal and family life?

2) What can I do to have an abundance of physical health and energy?

3) What are my short term and long term financial goals? What do I need to do to ensure I meet these goals and enjoy the process?

4) What is most important to me in relationships with my family and friends?

5) What is most important to me in my career and work life balance?

6) What is most important to me in my quality of life?

7) What skills do I need to master to increase the value I can contribute to the marketplace?

8) What is most important to me in my day-to-day living?

9) What obstacles stand between achieving each of my goals? What actions can I take to move past these obstacles and achieve my goals? read more

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coaching Answered

Life Coaching FAQ

When was the last time you had someone focus entirely on you, to help you get what you really want? My guess, is you probably have seldom taken the time to focus in on and get clear about what you really want to be, achieve and experience in your life. A certified life coach can help you start moving in the right direction and reach your most significant goals, in every area of your life. These 5 frequently asked questions below will help you understand what a life coach can do for you:

  • What is a Certified Life Coach? A certified life coach is someone who has trained and has been certified to help you find focus, identify your goals, track your progress, and stay motivated along the way. The life coach will focus on keeping you on track – not just with your long-range goals, but with your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.
  • Why are so many people now using Certified Life Coaches? When you have a professionally trained and certified life coach working with you, you have a trained support coach – someone who knows what to do, knows how to guide you – and stays with you, helping you get through the obstacles, and reach your goals. Your life coach is a mentor, a guide, and a motivator – giving you objective feedback, encouragement, and support.
  • What are the benefits you’ll get from working with a Certified Life Coach?: You’ll have a trained professional focusing completely on you – and what you want to achieve. You’ll have help identifying what you really want, in every important area of your life, and you’ll have help getting it. You’ll get help and assistance, not just now and then – you’ll have help, week after week. You’ll have help finding your focus, creating the right attitude and the right actions, overcoming obstacles, tracking your progress, and staying motivated!
  • How does Life Coaching work? You’ll meet once a week, by phone, for a one-on-one conference, usually from 45 to 60 minutes a session. In each phone conference you’ll plan and review, together, each of your “focus goals” and action areas. In each session, you’ll also receive support and guidance in creating the right attitudes and motivation in the areas that you want to work on most. In addition to the weekly phone conferences, you’ll also communicate by e-mail, so you’ll have help and support throughout the week.
  • What areas does a Life Coach focus on each week to help you most? Along with defining, setting, and tracking your goals, a life coach will help you focus on every important aspect of your attitudes and actions that determine your success – in each area of interest in your life. Job & Career, Personal Growth, Money & Finances Self-Esteem, Positive Relationships, Health & Fitness, Personal Organization and Quality of Life. Every Life Coaching session is carefully structured to make the session easy and enjoyable, while at the same time guiding you, step by step, toward the practical achievement of each of your goals.
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