The term self improvement sounds simple, but what does it really mean? It’s typically defined as improvement of one’s mind, character, etc., through one’s own efforts. When I think of self improvement, I think of where I am today (point A) in a certain area of my life (self-esteem, health & fitness, quality of life etc.) and then where I really want to be (point B) in those areas. Since I haven’t gotten to where I really want to be in those areas yet, what do I need to improve about myself to get there? What kind of skills do I need to develop and what kind of a mindset do I need to strengthen in order to achieve what others have done before me? There is no Luck in Self Improvement We are not where we are today because of luck. In fact, we are where we are today because of choices we have made. We didn’t just wake up one morning and know how to read, cook a delicious meal, play the guitar or be the CEO of Amazon. A question I asked myself a while back was “Why are some people better off than others? What has driven their personal success?” I found out what caused many people to succeed at any endeavor, whether their career, family life, personal finances or health, was that they had learned the skills or improved themselves to take action on what causes success in those areas. They continuously improved until they …

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Have you ever had a goal that you started to make some progress on, but hit an obstacle, got stuck and ultmately never reached that goal? I know I have! How valuable would it be if we could learn to overcome these obstacles quickly and get unstuck, so they don’t disrupt the achievement of our goals and ultimately our overall success? Firstly, it’s really important that we are aware that as soon as we set a goal, there are also going to be obstacles by default. It’s inevitable; and knowing obstacles will always be in our way is important. Why? Because we can then mentally prepare ourselves to not get too discouraged when they come up. Instead, we can learn to get excited, as we know once we overcome the obstacle we will make progress and keep on moving steadily towards the achievement of our goal. So then: Step 1: Accept That Obstacles Are Always Going to ‘Happen’ The first step of dealing with obstacles, is accepting that they will always be there. This gives us an instant advantage over the obstacle. This first step helps by taking the power we would normally give to the obstacle away and instantly puts us in the power position instead. Now that we are aware that obstacles will always pop up, we’re ready to attack them head on. So step one is very fundamental – understand that when we have goals there will also be preexisting obstacles that we will inevitably need to …

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